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This is an electronic version of your monthly/quarterly paper statement. When you enroll in E-Statements, you are opting for convenience and security by going digital. Any time you're ready to view an electronic statement, simply log in to your online or mobile banking.

  • Eliminates a paper trail to reduce fraud and identity theft
  • Free electronic account statements
  • Download & print options
  • Ecofriendly
  • Safe & fast delivery
  • 24/7 access through Online & Mobile Banking
  • Cuts down on paper waste & storage clutter

Start saving paper by making the switch, today!



[Sign in] to your Online/Mobile Banking
Select the [Menu] on the top left [three horizontal bars]
Scroll down to [Email Settings] under User Profile
Click [Add/Edit Email] 
Check the [Statement] box 
Hit [Save]!


*Check the [Notices] & [eAlerts] boxes to receive up to date account notifications. This helps prevent delayed mail notifications.

In order to set up the eAlert parameters, go back to the [Menu], scroll down to [Services], and click on [eAlerts]
Then, you can set the types and frequency of alerts, specific to your needs.


In order to sign up for E-Statements, you must be signed up for and logged in to Online or Mobile Banking. For more information, click here!