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Streamline life with convenient services! For Your Information

At Ulster FCU, banking doesn't just stop at accounts and loans. We offer our hard-working members a wide variety of supplemental services to add ease to their banking lives — online, by phone, in-branch, and beyond.


If you don’t have a computer or Internet access, you can still get your basic banking done through SmartLine, our audio voice response system. It’s accessible 24/7 through our toll-free number using a touch-tone phone. To access SmartLine, you will need your member account number(s) and your SmartLine PIN (which you create the first time you use SmartLine).


A Visa® Gift Card makes gift giving easy! It's an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, weddings and all your gift-giving occasions. The recipient can use the card to buy what they want, when they want. Order one (or several) online!


Easily reorder checks online without an extra trip to a branch.


Your payroll, Social Security, pension, or any other recurring payment can be directly deposited into your Ulster FCU savings, checking or money market account. You don’t have to carry a check into a branch or worry about your checks being lost in the mail or stolen. Not only will you have peace of mind, you’ll save time, too.

When initiating a direct deposit, you will need to supply both your account number and the Ulster FCU transit routing number, 221976227.


Ulster FCU offers you the most convenient and secure method of purchasing foreign currency for 100+ countries without paying exorbitant fees found in airports, hotels and currency exchange outlets. We’ve partnered with Currency Exchange International to provide you with this valuable service. CXI is a web-based technology that provides a quick, safe, secure, and efficient method to buy foreign currency.

Purchasing your foreign currency is as easy as any ordering that you do online! How to get started:

  • Log in here to start the process.
  • Pick the foreign currency of choice / Country of destination and the amount required.
  • Enter your contact details and follow the prompts to checkout.


  • Available at all Ulster FCU branches
  • No fee charged for members


Enjoy peace of mind knowing your most valuable items and documents are safe and secure. Several sizes are available to suit your needs at minimal cost.

3” x 5” Box $50.00/Year
3” x 10” Box $60.00/Year
5” x 10” Box $75.00/Year
10” x 10” Box $100.00/Year
Key Replacement $25.00
Drilling of Box At Cost