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It’s more than a catchy slogan — we stand behind our words: “Where people are worth more than money.” This belief extends to our members’ entire banking experience. Meet the members of our team who work to give you the highest level of service!

Board of Directors

Mary Bishop — Chairman

Linda Akins — 1st Vice Chairman

John Mizerak — 2nd Vice Chairman

Richard Moore — Treasurer

Judith Hansen — Secretary

Patrick Berardi — Board Member

Dennis Pitcock — Board Member

Steven Milton — Board Member

Henry Gleich — Board Member

Supervisory Committee

Joseph Arter — Chairman

Francoise Dunefsky — Member

John Bailey — Member

Ron Valle — Member

Henry Gleich — Member

Asset Liability Management (ALM) Committee

John Mizerak — Chairman

Dennis Pitcock — Member

Patrick Berardi — Member

James Mahoney — Member

James Rhein — Member